The Solar System

This is a model of the Solar system that I made. The sizes of the planets and the distance between them are not to scale, but the orbits are timed correctly. By default 1 month = 1 second, therefore the moon goes around the earth in 1 second and the Earth goes around the Sun in 12 seconds. All the other orbit times have been made relative to these. The slower you get, the more accurate it is. Also, as you may or may not notice, I haven't used any pictures. All of it is code. Click anywhere to hide this message.

Note: Will add more planets soon.

Note 2: I mentioned this in the above paragraph, but in case you didn't read it, the slower you get, the more accurate it is.

Fixed a bug in chrome! You now have to hit a button to change the time though... :(

Currently working on: Randomly generated stars in background.

Time scale:
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